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Product Name:  Shell-Broken Chlorella Tablets
Model Number:  XQZT01
Brand Name:  Lian Guan
Processing:  Shell Broken
Shelf Life:  2 Years
Certificate:  HACCP, ISO, GMP
Minimum Order Quantity:  10 Bottles
Packaging:  250mg*400 Tablets/Bottle
Delivery Time:  Within 7 days
Payment Terms:  PayPal
Production Capacity:  50000 bottles /Week
Detail Product Description :
Shell-Broken Chlorella Tablets

Product Description


100% Shell-Broken Chlorella
Cell-Broken rate more than 99%
Packing: 250mg*400 Tablets/Bottle
Suggested Usage: 
As a dietary supplement, take 6 tablets each time, 2 times a day, preferably with meals.
Please consult your health care professional before use. Not recommended for children under 18, or pregnant or lactating women.
* Increases vital energy and metabolism
* Rejuvenates your digestive system
* Slows down aging and promotes healthy longevity
* Promotes healthy cell growth and repair
* Strengthens the immune system and helps guard against illness
* Detoxifies and purifies the body including the removal of heavy metals
* Anti-radiation
* Balances the body's pH levels
* Normalizes blood pressure and blood sugar
* Encourages production of Interferon (for defense against cancer)
* Has been know to relieve Fibromyalgia
* Normalizes blood pressure and blood sugar



Chlorella is a single-celled, microscopic plant that grows in fresh water. It has been around relatively unchanged for the last 3.5 billion years. It is possibly one of the world’s oldest known foods. The great thing about this amazing plant is its abundant supply of nutrients. Not only is it 64% complete protein, it also contains an impressive range of vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, chlorophyll, RNA/DNA, antioxidants and Chlorella Growth Factor" (CGF).


Broken cell wall chlorella is an excellent nutrient-rich pure source to help you detoxify and complement your healthy diet.

Our chlorella is carefully cultured, harvested, and dried at low temperature. The cell walls are broken to allow optimal assimilation of the super-concentrated nutrition from within each chlorella cell.


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Packaging & Shipping


 Q: What is the specification, how big of each tablet ?

A: 250mg per tablet

Q: How many pcs tablets per bottle?

A: 400 Tablets

Q: If I want to buy 400mg or 500mg size, can I ?

A: Our normal size is 250mg, for bigger size, if depends of customers quantity and we could customized for you.

Q: What is the MOQ:

A: 1 bottle, but in order to save the freight cost by express, we suggest you can buy at least 6 bottles, then we could send the goods to you by EMS for free of shipment.

Q: Is there any side effect?

A: 100% No

Q: How to use/eat ?

As a dietary supplement, take 6 tablets each time, 2 times a day, preferably with meals.


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