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Product Name:  Chinese Cordyceps Powder Capsule
Model Number:  CLZC01
Brand Name:  RZT
Processing:  Powder
Shelf Life:  24 month
Certificate:  HACCP, ISO, GMP
Minimum Order Quantity:  10 Bottles
Packaging:  250mg*100 Capsules/Bottle
Delivery Time:  Within 7 days
Payment Terms:  PayPal
Production Capacity:  栽培
Detail Product Description :
Chinese Cordyceps Sinensis Powder Capsule

Product Description

100% natural Chinese Caterpillar Fungus.
Packing: 250mg*100 Capsules/Bottle
Suggested Usage: 
2~3 capsules per time, 2~3 times a day, take half an hour before meal with warm water.
1. Improve immunity, anti fatigue, anti aging
2. Powerful Anti-cancer Function
3. Invigorate the kidney and nourish yin, moisturize the lung and 
   relieve a cough
4. Improve sleep and help keep young and beautiful 
5. Imbalances Associated with Aplastic Anemia
6. Enhanced Cellular Energy and Improved Immune Health
 Applicable for
Those suffering from decreased intelligence and memory, lung and kidney deficiency, energy deficiency, impotence and premature ejaculation, hypertension, weakness after diseases, fatigue, low immunity and radiation.




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Packaging & Shipping


 Q: What is the specification, how big of each capsule?

A: 250mg per capsule

Q: How many pcs  per bottle?

A: 100 pcs

Q: If I want to buy 400mg or 500mg size, can I ?

A: Our normal size is 250mg, for bigger size, if depends of customers quantity and we could customized for you.

Q: What is the MOQ:

A: 1 bottle, but in order to save the freight cost by express, we suggest you can buy at least 6 bottles, then we could send the goods to you by EMS for free of shipment.

Q: Is there any side effect?

A: 100% No

Q: How to use/eat ?

2 capsules once, 3 times daily, preferably with warm water

Suggest to take it continuously for more than 2 months


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