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Product Name:  700 to 900 Gram High Yield Golden Oyster Mushroom Growing Bags
Model Number:  V11
Brand Name:  JF
Processing:  Cultivated
Shelf Life:  6 months
Certificate:  GAP, HACCP, NOP, USDA certificate
Minimum Order Quantity:  7200pcs/20ft reefer container
Packaging:  Mesh bag
Delivery Time:  Normally about 90 day, if we have in stock, 15 days is ok
Payment Terms:  T/T or Western Union or Paypal
Production Capacity:  10,000,000pcs/year
Detail Product Description :

700 to 900 Grams High Yield Golden Oyster Mushroom Growing


Product Description


Golden oyster mushroom cultivator

Cultivation model

Vertical cultivation series


Standard specificationΦ10cm*40cm
Specification or can be customized

Shipment method

Refrigerated container

Anticipated yield



Mesh bag




Variable-temperature seed


20-26°C optimal



Kink conditions

Medium water:60%
Temperature stimulation:10°C
Lighting: 200lx
(Scattered light)

Oxygen: Oxygen consumption

Stain assification

Low-temperature variety5--15°C
Medium- temperature variety10--20°C
High-temperature variety15--25°C

Amino acid


Crude fat


Crude protein


Crude fiber




The Pleurotus is bright in colour, which is one kind of rare edible fungus with delicious aroma, so it is better for cooking when it is fresh.


Health Benefits:

 It has medical value as tonic and corroborant that can help people recover from deficiency of the kidney and impotence, plus diarrhea.


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Packaging & Shipping

Question: What is the specification of the vertical golden oyster mushroom cultivator?

Answer : Weight 1.8-2.0KG/pc  Spec: Standard specification dia: Φ10*40cm

Question: What is the yield/output of the vertical golden oyster mushroom cultivator?

Answer: Anticipated yield: 700-900gram/pc

Question: What is the shelf life of vertical golden oyster mushroom cultivator?

Answer : 6Months, sooner on shelf growing , the yield will be better.

Question: How to ship the vertical golden oyster mushroom cultivator?

Answer : Till now, there is only one way to ship the mushroom cultivator, with Reefer container by vessel.

Question: What is the MOQ?

Answer : 7200pcs/ 20’RF container, will help you to save the freight cost by vessel.

Question: How many flushes to grow?

Answer :Suggested to grow 3 flushes/circles.

Question: What is the fruiting times from first day on shelf growing till throw out the mushroom cultivator?

Answer :It depends on your growing room facility and your experience, as normal, it will take about 90 days.

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