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Product Name:  High Yield and Stable Quality Shiitake Mushroom Grow Bag
Model Number:  F01
Brand Name:  JF
Processing:  Cultivated
Shelf Life:  6 months
Certificate:  GAP, HACCP, NOP, USDA certificate
Minimum Order Quantity:  7200pcs/20ft reefer container;15000pcs/40ft reefer container
Packaging:  Mesh bag
Delivery Time:  Normally about 90 day, if we have in stock, 15 days is ok
Payment Terms:  T/T or Western Union or Paypal
Production Capacity:  10,000,000pcs/year
Detail Product Description :

High Yield and Stable Quality Shiitake Mushroom Grow Bag

Product Description


What are our mushroom logs?


1. Our mushroom logs/Grow Bags containing growing media/substrate inoculated with mushroom spawn. The white/brown material inside the bags is the “mycelium”, which has “colonized” the growing media/substrate. These bags are kept in the “spawn room” until fully colonized, and then be ready to ship to our customers. You can harvest the 1st flush/crop in about 7-11 days after the bags arrived to you.


2. So what you need to do is----import mushroom logs from us, and manage to grow fresh mushroom and sell to your local customers, we will teach you how to grow step by step, which will help to save your 80% time and energy.


3. Our mushroom logs are high yield, stable quality, high biological conversion rate and with the comprehensive after-sales service.




More Details:

High yield, stable quality, and with best after-sales service



Shiitake mushroom logs/Grow Bags



Overall color is brown. Some parts of white pots to be normal phenomenon.


Cultivation model

Flat cultivation series



Standard specification:Φ9.5cm*40cm(Diameter*Length); or Specification can be customized





Anticipated yield

High yield, 0.5-0.7kg/pc (40% for first flush, 30% for send flush, 30% for third flush)


Suggested Fruiting Circles

3 flushes

Fruiting Period

75 days, total for 3 flushes



Mesh bag


Shelf life

6 Months, sooner on shelf growing , the yield will be better.


Quality standard

Stable quality, and unqualified products (such as mycotic infection, broken mushroom logs 
) should not exceed the total number of 4%.



China GAP, Global GAP, HACCP, NOP/USDA certificate, etc


Storage Temperature

-1 to-3°C(Minus 1degrees Celsius to Minus 3 degrees Celsius


Transport temperature

-3 to-5°C (Minus 3 degrees Celsius to Minus 5 degrees Celsius


Shipment method

By sea with Refrigerated container



Packed with mesh bag, 10 pcs/bag


Minimum order quantity

7200pcs/ 1FCL×20RF

15000 pcs/1FCL×40RQ


Delivery time

As usual, within 90 days. If we have in stock, within15 days ok.




Mushroom Fruiting environmental requirements:



Variable-temperature seed/Strain, temperature difference stimulation about 8 to 10 degree.



5--25°C, 15--18°C optimal







500-1500 (lux)





Our Advantages:


1. Rich Experience

We have 20 years’ experience in mushroom growing since from our elder generation, we can supply one-stop service of mushroom growing, including the mushroom logs, the mushroom growing houses and the equipment, also the technical guidance.



2.Strong production capacity, all year round production


We can produce 10,000,000 mushroom logs every year, we have exported to USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Korea, which got their good feedback, all the customers have become our returned customers ordered from us every month now.



3. Quality Stable and Guarantee


A. High yield------such as shiitake mushroom logs can fruit 0.5-0.7kg per log;


B. Quality Guarantee


1). From substrate material preparation to mushroom mycelium mature, all steps execute strictly.


2). Double security value-added services ------Before shipment, we will select 100pcs logs randomly from the same production batch, and test the growing performance, double guarantee the logs with good performance, then export to you.



4. Provide over-value service -------- We can provide mushroom growing manual after you place the order to us, or if needed, we can send our professional and rich experience technician staffs to your local farm to tech your growing mushroom successfully.


5. The raw material is natural, safe & high yield is our purpose!



6. Varieties of mushroom logs for your choice, such as hot sales shiitake, oyster, king oyster, etc.



7. With rich experience of how to operate export process. Even you are the never of import our mushroom logs, we will guide you how to import and what kinds of documents are needed for your customs clearance. The shipment will be arrival to your farm safely.




Other information for shiitake mushroom:



Shiitake Mushroom Nutritions (*/100g)





Soluble non-nitrogen compounds


Dietary fiber


Vitamin B1


Vitamin B2


Vitamin C


Vitamin D2


Vitamin E













Common Name: Shiitake


Botanical Name: Lentinula edodes




Shiitake has been revered in Asia for thousands of years as health care food, Which is rich in protein ,low in fat. it is consider as “King of the mushroom”. This mushroom contains complete kinds of amino acids , multivitamin and polysaccharide.





1. Shiitake mushroom have the effects of preventing and curing cancer, raising immunity, defending senescence and prolonging life, reducing blood fat , treating high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol.


2. Shiitake is used medically for many diseases involving diabetes, tuberculosis, infectious hepatitis, neuritis.


3. Shiitake can help to improve dyspepsia, regulate the disease of constipation.



Shiitake have some strong selling points, the caps, 2-5cm inches in diameter, have a chewy texture and a full-bodied aromatic flavor. They are low in calories and low in fat.



After the shiitake harvest, they can be consumable by different types: fresh, dried, in brined, made into shiitake powder and extract as the medical use, which have the big and potential market in all over the world !


Why US?


1. We can supply one--stop service of mushroom growing, including the mushroom grow bags, the mushroom growing house and equipment, also the technical guidance.


2.What we supply is the Green agriculture . Our products has been NOP/USDA organic certified. And we are striving for the EU organic certificated.

3. We have 20 years experience in mushroom growing since from our elder generation.


4. We have been exported to US, Canada, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Korea, which feedback is very good, all the clients have become our returned customers ordered from us every month now.



Some bacic information of mushroom growing:                 


Mushroom growing stages have management before fruiting, Hyphal proliferation and hyphal knots,


 Initial fruiting period, fruiting period, mature period and senility period. The management of each period is different.


1.Hyphal proliferation and hyphen knots: The process of substrate turned into primodium.


2.The initial period of fruiting: The primodium is turned into fruit body.


3.The fruiting period: The baby fruit body is growing to be mature fruit body.


4.The mature period: The fruit body is mature and become senility and decay.


(Harvest period)


5.The senility period: The fruit body is senility and become decay.

6.Dormancy stage: After harvest the fruit body, and come for the next flush from Hyphal Proliferation And hyphal knots till senility, the grow bags is on the recovery period of inner mycelium. When there are some white mycelium comes out from the hole, the dormancy is finished and start for the next crop. (Some varieties grow without this period). 


Our Services



Packaging & Shipping




Question: What is the specification of the shiitake logs bags?

Answer : Weight 1.5-1.7KG/pc   Spec: Standard specification dia :9.5cm*40cm

Question: What is the yield/output of the shiitake logs bags?

Answer: Anticipated yield: 500-700gram/pc

Question: What is the shelf life of shiitake logs bags?

Answer : 6Months, sooner on shelf growing , the yield will be better.

Question: How to ship the shiitake logs bags?

Answer : Till now, there is only one way to ship the mushroom logs bags, with Reefer container by vessel.

Question: What is the MOQ?

Answer : 7200pcs/ 20’RF container, will help you to save the freight cost by vessel.

Question: How many flushes to grow?

Answer :Suggested to grow 3 flushes/circles.

Question: What is the fruiting times from first day on shelf growing till throw out the spawn?

Answer :It depends on your growing room facility and your experience, as normal, it will take about 70 to 90 days.

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