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Products Advantages:

1. We export varieties of Mushroom grow bags, such as : shiitake, Oyster, Golden Oyster, King oyster, enoki, pink oyster, reishi, maitake, etc, which could be supplied  all the year round.


3. With long comparatively shelf time and it could be shipped to a majority of countries and area in the world by sea.

2 . With Professional Export Experience .

Our products has been exported to more than 80 countries , such as :

Southeast Asia: Japan , Singapore, etc.

North America: USA, Canada, etc.

European : Germany ,Italy, etc.

3 . Strictly Quality Control

Our company pay attention to not only the continuity of supplying goods but also the quality and safety guaranteed.

1. Both of our plant base of cultivated mushroom and processing factory are strictly comply with the requirements of food safety and health.

2. With the certificates of ISO9001ISO22000HACCPGAPIFANCAHALALKOSHERQSBRCSGS Certificates etc.

3. All the products must be inspected by Chinese Commodities Inspection Bureau before exported.